If you have noticed an increase in stress, body tension, mood swings, and overall discomfort- you know, like you could just about jump out of your skin- you are probably experiencing a break-through moment.

What is a Break-through Moment?
Anytime we are ready for a next step, we get signaled that it’s time. That signal acts as a beacon, flashing lights, sounding the alarm in the body until we address it properly. This is what causes discomfort for the most part, something that we need to address, to look at differently or to release.

Spiritual Awakening is all about letting go of anything that holds us back in our life and allowing energy to freely flow throughout our body and life. If there is something from the past we haven’t wanted to look at or a repetitive pattern of behavior, we will be given the opportunity to learn from it and move on.

Take a deep breath, relax.

It doesn’t mean that there is some dark, scary thing to deal with. In fact, it is usually something coming to light that has an important role in your life, in who You are. It only feels scary because it is unknown. We might wonder what it is that is lurking in the past and possibly wonder if it should be left there. This process is about making peace and making new pathways, not about dredging up the past.

This part of the process is about self-acceptance. It may mean that you need to address something- perhaps a limiting belief from your earlier life or even a past life. There may be an issue of self-worth, like “Who am I to be this great?” for example. But what you are really doing is making more space for You in your Life.

Once you get through this break-through moment, having addressed that loud blaring signal, you will find the stress, tension and uncomfortable feelings dissipate.

Radiant Blessings,