Any time you are going through a butterfly moment- shifting from a limited version of you to a more expanded version, it is an opening. The words Transformation, Spiritual Awakening and Awakening can be used to name this process. So what is Transformation, what is Spiritual Awakening; it is an opening to more of you and more of the Universe.

Opening can come about in many ways, sometimes we become aware of things about ourselves or life that we couldn’t see before; it’s like a window appearing where there was once only a wall. Through that window we are allowed a new lens but also a new perspective; now you can see through and you can start to explore visually what is on the other side of the glass. When the wall was there we didn’t know there was a beautiful garden; now we see the garden and find ourselves drawn to it. So that is one example of an opening that occurs with what is often called Spiritual Awakening.

Another way is that we begin to see the Universe undressed. For most people the idea of the Universe and all it encompasses, is just that an idea. When an opening occurs, we can begin to see things about the Universe, understanding the make-up of the Universe- how and what it is made of, even seeing these things through our eyes or in dreams or meditation. This can really alter our view on reality; it can feel very expansive but then it can also cause someone to feel unsure about what it all means, questioning even the meaning of life itself and their part in it. This opening is more about opening to the questions, opening to the conscious energy that creates the Universe.

While both of these examples of opening or Spiritual Awakening are different in nature, they are the same in the way that they mean to open us- opening to the idea that we are more than we have come to believe and that there is more to life than we have come to experience. They mean to reach us at a deeper level and bring us back to our Self, not just the version of ourselves that we have developed but the true us beyond body and mind.

Radiant Blessings,