The phrase Spiritual Awakening is a broad term to describe an experience of spiritual opening that occurs in an individual. That term may make it seem as though Spiritual Awakening has one description with set symptoms and experiences that happen to all people in the same way; that just isn’t true.

With Spiritual Awakening, every person has their own experience that matches their life path and where they are on their journey. So it’s okay to call all of our individual experiences part of a Spiritual Awakening but it doesn’t illuminate what is happening to you individually and what to do. It is also true that Spiritual Awakening isn’t a one and done experience, for most people. There can be multiple individual openings during a lifetime.

During Spiritual Awakening there are certain types of openings that may occur. It may show up as access to seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing abilities that weren’t there before or heightened awareness, including otherworldly energies. It can also have a personal focus where you are drawn to work on yourself, which can be physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual in nature. It can be more Universal where you begin to feel the connection of all people, plants, animals, places etc. It can be on a simple everyday kind of level or have a really large scope, beyond compare.

Whatever it is that you experience, that is your brand of Awakening, not to be compared to others. Your Guides and your Soul direct your experience to help you recognize more of your Self, more of your Being and open to more of your Purpose. This kind of opening originates from a place of love, even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment. If you feel any tension about your Awakening process, stop, take a deep breath and allow. There is a natural flow that is unfolding your life.

Radiant Blessings,