Spiritual Awakening or Awakening happens in different ways depending on the person, not only is their experience different but what they need to understand about the process is unique as well. Listed below are a few areas to think about during your Awakening process…in fact the first thing to understand is that Awakening is a process.

  1. When you find yourself in a new Spiritual Awakening process, even if you have already had an Awakening before, it means there is more to open to now; it means you have evolved and are ready for a deeper opening to yourself and the Universe.
  2. Two of the main ways a person may approach their Spiritual Awakening are from the standpoint of a Soul (such as Self-Inquiry) or of your Light Being (or Body). If you think of yourself as a Light Being or relate to yourself as a walk-in, approaching Awakening from the standpoint of a Soul won’t really work for you. You may find yourself able to expand out but unable to have your presence stay in body. In this case a different approach is necessary, basically doing things from the other way around.
  3. Sometimes a Spiritual Awakening happens in big chunks, sometimes it occurs continually, sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes gradually. When it is gradual, it is easier to make sense of things and adjust to what is happening. However, when it happens suddenly and in a big chunk, you may be thrown for a loop. It may feel like you were hit with a wave, tumbled around and come up not knowing which end is up.

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