Transformational Coaching


Monthly Transformational Coaching Package includes 4 weekly sessions, goal-setting and clear roadmap for reaching goals, affirmation and visualization MP3’s, plus weekly email check-ins.
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Transformational Coaching helps sensitive and intuitive women find their unique voice and expression through healing and coaching. The foundation work involves bringing awareness to and clearing out limiting beliefs, energy issues, patterns, and karma. With that foundation we can bring online your own unique gifts and abilities.

We work with goal-setting to help you achieve the results that you are looking for. Coaching is an intensive process; we work in monthly blocks to help you reach your Awakening Goals.

Transformational Coaching addresses those issues and more:

  • Energy Alignment of physical, emotional, and mental layers
  • Opening up to your life path, purpose, and true voice
  • Awakening of spiritual gifts
  • Tools to walk you back into your power, and reconnect with your Self

As your Transformational Coach
, I provide clear guidance and support. I use my intuitive and empathic gifts to access the “field of consciousness,” allowing me to see into the areas in your energy and your life that you need to clear, heal, and/or have a shift in understanding. I walk you through each step of the way, until you have alignment with your Self again.

My goal is to help you move through your process so that you feel at peace, with your own clarity and knowing, feeling empowered.