Step Into Authenticity Coaching Program


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Creating a life where you are more and more YOU, showing up more, being more present, being more aware, being more focused, feeling more alive, passionate about life and your purpose.


If you feel like you are in the wrong life
Feel you need to hide or are in hiding, afraid to show your true colors
Afraid of your own voice, afraid to have needs

Do you go to work just so that you have an outlet for your voice and your creativity because you feel so stifled at home?
Do you feel that other people’s needs and desires surpass your own and do you suppress your own needs to keep the peace at home or with family?

When you have a new idea do you always run it through in your mind, thinking about how others will react if you show up as you?

8-Week Program includes:

  • Weekly talk, recorded topic of the week
  • Access to private FB group, each week post on topic article
  • Visualization/meditation MP3’s
  • Weekly group healing call