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Monthly Spiritual Awakening Package includes 4 weekly sessions, goal-setting and clear roadmap for reaching goals, affirmation and visualization MP3’s, plus weekly email check-ins.
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The foundation work involves bringing awareness to and clearing out limiting beliefs, energy issues, patterns, and karma. With that foundation we can bring online your own unique gifts and abilities.

At each stage there will be more alignment and ability to connect with your higher purpose in life, as well as an energetic upgrade to prepare you for what is next. There will also be more understanding and awakening to all there is, the subtleties of the Universe that usually allude us. Coaching is an intensive process; we work in monthly blocks to help you reach your Awakening Goals.

Spiritual Awakening can be a Beautiful Expansion of Self.
It can also be a can be a trying experience, ask anyone who has been there. There are uncomfortable symptoms that occur making you feel unwell, uncomfortable, stuck, overwhelmed, and anxious- just to name a few.

These symptoms are actually a signal of the misalignment from the Self. When multiple signals are going off at once, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin.

Spiritual Awakening Coaching addresses those signals and more:

  • Energy Alignment of physical, emotional, and mental layers
  • Opening up to your life path, purpose, and true voice
  • Awakening of spiritual gifts
  • Tools to walk you back into your power, and reconnect with your Self

As your Spiritual Awakening Teacher & Coach
, I provide clear guidance and support. I use my intuitive and empathic gifts to access the “field of consciousness,” allowing me to see into the areas in your energy and your life that you need to clear, heal, and/or have a shift in understanding. I walk you through each step of the way, until you have alignment with your Self again or Soul Alignment.

Who Are These Sessions For?
Anyone who is ready to step into their life more fully and take the necessary steps to Heal and Awaken. Especially useful for Healers, Intuitives, Empaths, and Lightworkers when you are in the midst of a deepening process.

My goal is to help you move through your process so that you feel at peace, with your own clarity and knowing, feeling empowered.

When Enlightenment is your lifetime goal:
For some, their goal in life is clear: to keep expanding their consciousness to reach the final goal in evolution, and return back to Realized particles, at One with the Creator. Even through constant meditation, you still may have to come back and do it all over again; it doesn’t guarantee Enlightenment.

Coaching offers a structure for Soul Advancement, a way to understand your current stage of evolution and take you through all the obstacles. Coaching uses a spiritual technology that quickens evolution to help you meet your goals. If Enlightenment is your lifetime goal, please reach out to schedule a consultation. Click here to schedule.