Chakra Clearing

$125 – $600

Chakra Clearing is a fundamental part of Soul & Business Alignment. Your Chakras circulate your Chi or Energy, which is the conscious substance that you are made of. To have conscious clear thoughts, the health of your Chakras is essential. All of your Chakras need to be clear and aligned in order to have room for your gifts, your intuition, and your soul.

  • 1 Session: $125
  • 2 Sessions: $250
  • 3 Sessions: $365
  • 5 Sessions: $600
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More about Chakras:
There are 7 Chakras in our energy body. The Chakras keep everything flowing properly throughout the body. Any blocks cause physical issues, including limitations. Unresolved current or past issues are also held in the Chakras. These unresolved issues affect your ability to create and achieve alignment with your Self and your goals.

Chakra Clearing is an important part of healing. The basis for health is that the energy system and circulation works. This way the body can do all its repairs and keep all our systems in balance. Chakra Clearing heals and realigns the energy in the Chakras and energy system.

Chakra Clearing addresses the energy flow of the body. Chakras are part of the body’s energy system; they help regulate the flow of energy throughout the whole body. Energy is what supports the function of your organs, your limbs, your spine, brain etc. If there is a block or limited flow in a Chakra, it can throw off the balance or health of the whole body.

Chakra Clearing puts you in touch with your needs and requirements. If the Chakras are out of balance, you will have difficulty accessing your intuition and can’t tune into what you need. It also means you aren’t tuned into the natural flow that is available to you. When that happens, everything feels harder and you lose the sense of ease about thinking and creating.

Chakra imbalances can affect your memory and mood. When the Chakras are blocked or have limited flow, it can affect your memory; you may feel like you have a foggy brain or can’t recall things as easily as you once did. You can also have heightened emotions; you may find yourself over-reacting to even the simplest things or easy to anger.

Schedule a Chakra Clearing when you want to ?

  • Remove blocks to creation
  • Clear up old energy patterns
  • Realign your intentions
  • Set new conscious pathways

What are people saying after their Chakra Clearings?
Clients report feeling lighter, clearer, and more free. Things that used to feel hard to handle in their life, feel easier. Old triggers lessen with each session. Feeling more empowered in their life.
After 3 sessions, B.R. said; “There was a feeling of relief, like it isn’t a struggle anymore. I could think clearly. No wonder I was having so much trouble functioning when my Chakras were so clogged.”