Empowering, Expressive, & Engaging

Your Transformational Coach

I was born with intuitive and empathic gifts, which I have honed over the course of my life. I am also naturally analytical, viewing things from all angles to gain a more complete understanding. As a result, I can see into the areas in your energy and your life that you need to clear, heal, and/or have a shift in understanding. This includes everything that it takes to free You from Limitation- limiting beliefs, energy issues, patterns, relationships, and clearing karma. I personalize your session to match your current issues and stage of Spiritual Awakening.

As a teacher and coach, I am dedicated to my clients reaching their goals. When I am working with a client, I am seeing what needs to happen in order for them to have the transformation they are seeking. I also look for alternative methods for an easier transition, always keeping an eye on the best interest of my client. Though I realize that the individual is responsible for their own growth, I take my role seriously, but in a lighthearted way. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

I have 15+ years of experience with Transformation and Spiritual Awakening, including the development of spiritual technology to quicken your evolution and streamline your Awakening process through to Enlightenment.

Here’s what I bring to your sessions:

  • Experienced teaching of what it takes to reach your healing and Spiritual Awakening goals
  • Clear guidance and support shared with your unique needs and situation in mind
  • Training and Techniques to walk you back into your power, and reconnect with your Self
  • And joy 🙂
Are you stressed out & need a Soul Alignment?

My Soul Alignment includes:

  • Energy Alignment, including chakras & energy body
  • Karmic Release, including relationship ties, lessons & history
  • Opening up to your life path, purpose, and true voice
  • Awakening of spiritual gifts
  • Tools to walk you back into your power, and reconnect with your Self

The Universe is reflecting change. When you feel that change, I am here to guide you.

The process of Awakening can either feel uncomfortable or you lean can into the change, creating a big shift. Shift happens when you feel nervous and afraid, but you step forward anyway.


What They Say

“Thank you so much, Raja! Your Energy Clearing session helped to heal me in so many ways. I would like to start by sharing that you've really opened my eyes to see how much power we can control within ourselves, in our businesses, both to and away from us using energy clearing. This is going to help me in so many ways as an entrepreneur to manage my stress, any anxiety I have around fear of growing, and most importantly, directing me away from burnout. Second, I am so grateful for your approach and delivery of sensing what exactly I needed to be focusing on and how skilled you are at this. You have taken the time and space to make me feel so much better and empowered to make a sustainable habit for myself moving forward to enter and close out each day. 

I want to highly recommend you to anyone searching for the answers to the feelings inside they are having a difficult time navigating, along with the lifting sensation of being heard, having experience as you had shared with me, and ultimately, making me so much better because of our time spent together!”—Dana Magnus, Chicago, IL.